Online SQL Editor: Learning About SQL Programming Tool When it comes to software, a SQL programming tool serves as a platform for application developers and database administrators in doing their daily tasks accurately, effectively and efficiently. Application developers and database administrators regularly face changes in the online environments which are uncontrollable, as a result of modifications to the existing codes they are using or new development projects which are not always producing expected results once deployed to production. For optimum support to database management and in order to promote high-quality code deployment practices, SQL programming tool providers offer more than facility to DBA or application developer, in a way that organizations can properly manage development projects and the team developing the code. SQL programming tools have different features that may include user security management, debugging, SQL editing, object browsing, session browsing, performance monitoring, and testing data. Online SQL editors let DBA and application developers execute and edit SQL statements with these features: copy, paste, cut, redo, undo, bookmarks, find and replace; accessibility to frequently used files; auto-completion; editing query results; print, save, block, indent, lowercase or uppercase; keyword highlighting; output of query result; inside cut paper; and rolling back and committing transactions. In terms of object browsing, a SQL programming tools may actually show database objects information that are relevant to DBA and developers, such as being capable of viewing object descriptions and object definitions, enabling and disabling constraints, creating database objects, triggering, recompiling valid and invalid objects, and editing and querying views and tables. DBA and application developers can view each database user current activities with session browsing like statistics, resource-usage, locked objects and running SQL per individual session. DBA and application developers are able to create, enable and disable, edit or detete user accounts with security management tools, as well as assign roles, object privileges, storage quotas, and system privileges among users. With SQL programming monitoring tools, database resources are displayed such as session history, top sessions, recent activities, service time summary, usage summary, and top SQL using easy-to-read graphs. SQL health can be monitored by database administrators and application developers are able to make a diagnosis and resolve application performance problems, thus improving the performance of SQL servers.
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