When you’re gliding down the slopes, enjoying  all the twists and turns of snowboarding, the last thing you want to worry about is being cold and wet. A great snowboard jacket isn’t just ‘nice to have’ when you set off along the snow – it’s a necessity.

Ladies snowboard jackets come in a range of shapes and styles, from long-line padded coats to slim-cut, fur-trimmed designs. While the look of your snowboard jacket is very important, there are a few things you need to consider when it comes to fit, fabric and features to make sure your jacket is up to the job.

Fabric Technology

Firstly, your snowboard jacket needs to be waterproof, insulated and breathable. These are all things that you can check for when seeking out the perfect women’s snowboard jacket. The waterproof rating of the jacket should be somewhere between 5,000 and 20,000 mm – although 5,000 is considered fine for a day on the slopes, if you are an avid snowboarder or are venturing into particularly wet conditions, you should opt for the highest rating you can find. This kind of protection will ensure that you don’t feel the effects of any falls or changes in weather.

For the ultimate in waterproof protection, opt for a snowboard jacket made from Gore-Tex fabric. This specialist fabric helps to keep any moisture out whilst also allowing an enhanced level of breathability – the perfect combination for action sports, especially in tricky conditions. For an added level of breathability, look out for pit zips. As their name suggest, these are simple small vented areas around the armpit of the jacket that you can unzip, allowing your body temperature to regulate.

Special Features

As well as needing to be generally waterproof and breathable, most great ladies snowboard jackets will have special features to help protect the wearer and make sure that nothing gets in the way of a good boarding session.

Storm flaps and snow skirts are additional sections of fabric that help to ensure any vulnerable areas of the jacket – like the fastening and the bottom edge, are doubly protected. Keeping snow, moisture and cold out of these areas is vital for keeping you happy and comfortable as you enjoy a day at ski.

Many women’s snowboard jackets also feature a cinch cord, pulling it in at the waist and creating a tighter space for any unwelcome cold or moisture to have to navigate. This slim-fit feature is also useful for keeping the jacket close to the body, maximising moveability and ensuring nothing gets in the way of the course ahead.

Another special feature of many great quality snowboard jackets is enhanced seams. Fully taped seams are all secured to ensure that moisture is kept at bay – protecting all of the opening points of the jacket. If your snowboard jacket has critically taped seams, this means that those areas that are deemed most important in terms of protection, like around the neck, are taped to give them an extra level of security. A snowboard jacket may also feature welded seams, which simply means that they have been fused together using heat – giving them a tight finish that you can rely on when hitting the snowy terrain.


Once you have ticked off the all-important safety and practical needs of your snowboard jacket, you can enjoy the fun part… choosing a style that suits you! With so many snowboard jackets available, you can opt for loud and proud brightly coloured designs, or a more classic understated look.