Essential Self-Defense Weapons You Need to Consider and Look Into It is very important for you to make sure that you will have to be really specific about choosing a self-defense weapon as this could save your life when such need arises. Basically speaking, it is quite possible that you may end up being in a tight situation where any move you may or not make could be life-threatening. No matter the case, having to take the right steps to assure our safety is vital. As much as possible, it is very important that you will have the knowledge and idea on what factors really matter in order for you to secure a great investment down the line. One of the many possible self-defense weapons you could get is a pepper spray and this has been so popular over the years due to how effective it is for its purpose. Bear in mind that there also are instances where this can be deemed useless as this can be ineffective in some cases. Once you have hit the attacker, it is very important for you to make sure you will run as fast as you could. As you run, it is important that you will have to voice out and ask for help. Doing so should then help the surrounding area and assure that the criminal will stay away. You can actually find a plethora of these things today and it is best that you will go for one that can be used 10-15 feet away from you.
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Going on, you could also find tactical pens to be really effective in making sure you are kept safe. Generally speaking, there are now quite a handful of which that you could find. Using this directly to the attackers eye, neck, or their face in general, is an effective way to keep the attacker from following you, which, should also give you enough time to run away and call for help. One issue that most people have about this is that this requires a really close range.
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Yet another type of self-defense weapon you could choose to get is a pen knife. What makes this great is that its design is focused on keeping a low profile as this basically is very similar to that of a pen. As per the design and looks of the pen is concerned, you could see that the other end is just a pen while the other end is where you could see a small knife, housed in a narrow space in the pen which could pose a threat to the attacker if used correctly. Having to invest on such is a great way for you to assure that the attacker will stay away. Yet another effective self-defense weapon that you could use is a self-defense keychain. The need to keep ourselves secured has rose over the years, which makes such development abundant in the market. What makes them popular and ideal is the fact that they are cheap.