A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Equine Transportation Equine transportation can cause an owner sleepless nights if not carefully selected and executed. In the event of long-distance or interstate horse transport, the issue may be even more daunting. As an owner, you’re better off choosing a reputable equine transportation company for assistance, and the tips below may help: Reputation It’s in your best interest to work with a company of good repute in the practice. Also, you need to concentrate your search on businesses that have operated for several years. Experience may be a sign of several qualities, such as the equine transport enterprise will keep your animal safe. Likewise, a company that’s been around for a while is able to attract customer reviews, both negative and positive, on the basis of which a horse owner can make a final choice.
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It’s always great to ask a prospective horse transport company questions that are important to the kind of service they’re offering, before choosing them. During your early phone engagement with the company, for example, you may inquire about the methods employed for long-distance horse transport to minimize disruption to the animal while protecting it from hunger. The most experience transport companies for horses are able to identify the most direct and quickest routes to your preferred destination. Type of Vehicles Used Before picking a transporter, it helps to determine the type of vehicle they intend to use to move your animal. You require the vehicle to support easy entry and exit of your horse. In case a rear-load truck is going to be used, what’s its size? Don’t ignore elements like flooring, ramps, and overhead space. If the floor has protection with adequate absorbent shavings, your animal is likely to have a comfortable experience before delivery. A substantially higher roof for the vehicle carrying your horse is also an important consideration. Service Range Consider service range when seeking interstate horse transport. When moving your horse from one state to another, it’s sensible to select a transportation company that has done it before. This service would be best placed to provide your horse with the best in-transit care. In this case, great care implies well-timed feeding and perfectly-scheduled breaks prior to reaching the intended destination. Insurance and License If you’re after interstate shipping for your horse, be sure that your transporter has the right type of licensing. Insurance is also important in case of any liability. As such, request the transporter to send you copies of their license and evidence of liability insurance coverage. Always, choose a horse transport service that keeps your animal safe. After investigating and interviewing a transportation business, you can tell whether they’re suitable for the task.