The number of style mistakes a man (or anyone) can make appears to be endless, yet most of them go without saying. What is this code that well-dressed people seem to have committed to memory? How do you craft the perfect outfit without falling foul of fashion law? Here are things you should definitely avoid doing.

Baggy and long trousers

Just like ankle swingers, trousers that drape over your shoes can look a little slobbish. A small amount of drape is fine, but things go awry when the hemline goes over your laces and makes a flare-like shape over your foot. It isn’t a good look. It’s easier to simply learn the length of your legs and buy trousers accordingly.

Tight clothes will not save you

The false notion that tight clothes will show off your chiselled six-pack is one that many men still believe to be true. The reality is, most guys do not have huge muscles. And, even if he does have a built body, a man wearing a suffocatingly tight t-shirt can actually be a turn-off for most people.

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Pointy and impractical shoes

A small narrowing of the shoe is acceptable, but the point at which it becomes ridiculous is the point at which your shoes look like they would fit an elf much better. You’ll hear the scraping of rubber on the floor as the balls of your feet take the brunt of the impact, and you could trip embarrassingly on the obscene length. Impracticality is a danger, as warned here:

Synthetic materials

Not everybody is a born fashionista, but people do have eyes for quality most of the time – and so should you. Cheap fabrics will become uncomfortable over time, and that’s if they last long enough without fading, ripping, or bobbling in the wash. It saves money in the long run to be more picky about the materials you choose, so make sure to keep a few Farah shirts in the wardrobe to choose from.

Use these fashion tips to avoid not looking your best. With time, they’ll become ingrained and you will become as confident and effortlessly stylish as the well-dressed guy you dreamed of being.