Do couples on the brink of engagement consider whether their engagement rings should be the same metal as their wedding rings? We think it’s safe to say that many of them don’t!

In this article we explore whether this should indeed be the case.

She said yes!

In many cases, an engagement ring is given sometimes years and definitely months before the big day. In the rush of romance, the metal of the engagement ring and how it will affect the forthcoming wedding ring purchase may not be at the forefront of the happy couple’s mind. Talk often centres around the size of the diamond, the detail regarding whether part set diamond wedding rings are the thing and, of course, the budget.

Our advice

Our advice is simple; whether it’s part set diamond wedding rings that you have set your heart on, we recommend matching the metal on your engagement ring to that of your wedding band.

Avoid scratches

Both need to have the same hardness as this ensures that they don’t scratch each other. Platinum is much harder than gold and so putting the two together will most certainly result in scratches.

Here are some interesting facts to bear in mind when purchasing either an engagement ring or Part set Diamond Wedding Rings:

– The hardness level of gold on the Mohs scale- a scale of mineral hardness – is about 2.5;
– Platinum is a 3.5;
– Silver is a 2.5 – so can be mixed with a gold ring;
– White gold comes in at between 2.8 and 4, so can be mixed, carefully, with platinum;
– Tungsten is a 7.5;
– Titanium is a 6.


We’ve explored why engagement and wedding rings should be of the same metal, but can the same be said of colour? Not at all. Mixed metal colours can look stunning.

Growing fashion

Rose gold and white gold have become very much on trend in the last few years and are a perfect compromise should a couple have different views on the sort of metals that should be adorning their fingers. This is also a good recommendation if you have different skin tones; for example, yellow gold looks better on olive skin tones, whereas white gold or silver suits a paler complexion.