Dealing with oily skin is a daily battle and when it comes to attending a special event such as a wedding you will want to plan in some extra skincare to ensure that your oily skin does not take centre stage over your chosen outfit after you have carefully scoured through the Wedding Guest Dresses that you like, such as those you can see at

Here is a routine that you may want to follow to get that oily skin under control.
Washing and drying

This may seem obvious, but the effects of oily skin are undeniable. Try to avoid washing your face more than twice daily, as excessive washing can strip the skin of its natural moisture and promote unnecessary oil production. Excess oil production can also be attributed to rubbing the face, so always remember to pat your skin dry gently when possible.

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There are numerous products and treatments that can be of great benefit, including natural homemade solutions and specially designed products. When it comes to oily skin, gentle cleansers are best; however, in more severe cases, products developed to combat acne may also be of use. Everyone’s skin is different, so be prepared to experiment a little with a number of different products and approaches.


Skin pores can become clogged with dirt and dead skin; therefore, it is also important to employ the use of an exfoliating product. Used sparingly, these can remove unpleasant particulates in addition to helping to regulate oil production and get rid of excess sebum. Again, as with cleansers, everyone’s skin has different requirements and some experimenting may be required; however, exfoliating around once a week is considered ideal and may provide optimum results for many people.


It may sound counterintuitive, but even oily skin needs to be moisturised. A lack of moisture will cause the face’s sebum-producing glands to overcompensate, resulting in an even oilier appearance. Beard oils can also be used, as facial hair covers the skin and wicks precious moisture if not cared for.

Vitamin and mineral balance

It is well established that a person’s balance of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients can have a profound effect on the appearance of their skin; for example, an appropriate intake of vitamins A and C, zinc and omega three fatty acids will help to keep pores clear, provide protection from harmful free radicals, and prevent the overproduction of natural oils.

Problem areas

A quick fix for small patches that appear oily is blotting paper or similar. By gently dabbing problem areas, such as the T-zone and around and below the scalp for people with oily hair, it is possible to remove some excess oils.