How does your man wear his jewelry? Did you know that women wear jewelry very differently than men do? Furthermore, men and women wear jewelry very different depending on which culture you are in. Regardless of what culture you are in one thing is universal and that is to women tend to wear more jewelry than men do. This does not mean that if you a a guy that you can not wear jewelry but there are a few rules that you should consider when you do wear your favorite piece of metal or stone. According to an article, jewelry sends visual signals without you even having to speak therefore, be sure that your jewelry is sending out the right signals. The article continues with four simple rules for men who would like to wear jewelry. These rules are as follows: start off simple such as a silver watch or cufflinks, be sure that your metals match other metals along with your apparel, know the meaning behind the jewelry you wear and it’s placement, and be sure you always abide to any dress code when wearing your jewelry. However, according to another article, when a man wears jewelry the signals can get mixed. You might think that wearing a crucifix someone will think you are spiritual however, people can pick up on fake signals if that is not really true to you so be careful how and what you wear especially if you are going on a date. When in doubt, never underestimate the power of a sharp looking watch or classy cufflinks.

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