Buyer’s Guide to Buying Scents, Perfumes and Colognes Most men and women are perfume or cologne lovers. Scents work by building your confidence when you socialize and make you feel better about yourself by making you smell better. At other times, they help you lift your mood. When it comes to scents, perfumes and colognes for sale, the market has more than thousands to offer. As a matter of fact, wearable scents have turned to be among the most promising businesses in this millennium. This has attracted competition. But on the part of buyers, a more complicated choosing task becomes a need. If you are into shopping for new and different scents, either for you or for someone else you love, then the guidelines on choosing a scent to buy can surely be helpful to you. SELECTING A SCENT
Figuring Out Perfumes
Colognes and perfumes contain various notes. These notes dictate their overall scent. Notes are composed of three layers which are the base, top and middle notes. All of this layers work in synergy in order to that a specific smell can be obtained. For instance, there are scents that are considered to be flora. They contain various scent notes such as geranium, rose or gardenia. There are also fruitier scents. These, obviously, have undertones of fruits like apple and citrus.
Case Study: My Experience With Perfumes
You can also fine exotic perfumes. These scents consist or spicy notes such as cinnamon and/or star anise. Scents for men also have various note composition. Musk scents come in more masculine and heavier tone. Other scents for men do come with notes that are based on pine or leather. When needing to buy the best and the right scent for you, it is recommended to take into consideration its base notes. Following that, you need to check which smell you like wearing. Other people spend a lot of time in researching to be able to be more informed before buying a scent from the market. CHOOSING A CONCENTRATION There are four differing concentrations you need to know about in fragrances. When the concentration is higher, usually the price goes up too. Not only that, scents that come with higher levels of concentration may also bear a stronger smell. They are also expected to last long. Even though they tend to be more expensive than the rest of the other perfumes in the market, they are worth it. The highest concentration scents are called perfume or parfum. Following the parfum is the eau de parfum. After being applied, its scent can last up to six hours. The eau de toilette is the third one. It is more pocket-friendly and be readily purchased from retail stores. The eau de cologne is the lowest fragrance concentration.