What are Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems?

Mini-split air conditioning units are considered good alternatives with the traditional window-mounted units. There are in fact three main components that mini-split systems have. The first component would be the indoor unit, which comes with an evaporator coil. A single unit is needed for every room that you want to cool. The second component is an outdoor condensing unit. Only one outdoor unit is going to be needed for every system, which could support up to 4 indoor units, which is going to depend on the model. Each of the indoor unit will be connected with the outdoor units through the use of a refrigerant line set.

Mini-split systems also could be single or multi zone. The single zone systems to which have one indoor evaporator coil which is connected with one outdoor condensing unit. Multi zone systems can cool from 2 to 4 rooms and also have one outdoor condensing unit, but the number of indoor units that’s needed will depend with the number of rooms that you want to be cooled. Every room that you need to be cooled will actually need their own indoor unit.

There in fact are different mounting styles for indoor units of such systems. The wall-mounted indoor units are usually being used. These also are installed through the use of mounting brackets and are being controlled by a wireless remote control. The ceiling models are available in various styles. The ceiling models can be suspended, recessed or concealed. The ceiling suspended units are mounted on the ceiling, which helps to make removal easier. The ceiling recessed units are mounted inside the ceiling, which then helps to remove protrusions after the installation of the unit. The last thing is that the concealed units are hidden almost completely with the openings only for warm or cool air that’s going to be released. The different types of mounting styles will be able to allow you to choose one that best fits with the interior design needs.

There are some systems that have a heat pump. But, these systems are not mostly sufficient as the main heat source. This would be why it’s best that they are going to be used as supplementary heat sources.

There actually are many advantages on the process of installing mini-split air conditioners compared with other air conditioning alternatives. These kind of systems are not just small in size, but will not require ducts and will give more flexibility with interior design needs. As what was mentioned before, it could be used to heat rooms in addition with the main use of cooling rooms. There are a lot of models that are often star rated, which is able to offer the opportunity in saving on utility costs.

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